Why exfoliate?

Why exfoliate?

Exfoliation should be part of your skins health regime to maintain a healthy, clear complexion.

An exfoliant essentially mimics the skins natural renewal process known as desquamation.  Desquamation is the skin loosing the very top layer of the skin (the epidermis) and falling away, so that the skins protective barrier is working.

By mimicking this process and removing dead skin cells to promote healthy new ones, we keep skin hydrated and fresh and help to protect it against environmental damages.

We all benefit from regular exfoliation, this with a normal skin type will benefit by maintaining healthy skin.  Ageing skin will benefit from increased cell turnover and renewal, this naturally slows down due to ageing.

Congested or acne skin types benefit as it helps the build of dead skin and decongests the follicle which results in breakout.

Pigmented skin can be lightened with regular exfoliation whilst sensitive skin can benefit as we can encourage the barrier renewal which helps with repair.

Its important to know which type of exfoliant to use and when to get the best results from exfoliating.

There are many types of exfoliator available from daily microfoliants, to scrubs to enzyme peels and hydroxy acids.

Most are designed to be used twice a week after cleansing and dependant on your skin type will depend on the level of exfoliant and how you use it.

From the age of 30 the skins natural skin renewal process slows down so the older you are the more you need to exfoliate.

As a rule if your skin is sensitized try a non-abrasive gentle exfoliation a couple of times a week and those that contain a salicylic acid if your skin is congested or acne probe.  These are fantastic to help the follicle decongest and clear.

Lactic acid and retinol help with boosting cell renewal and therefore are fantastic for those that are looking for help with ageing as they help with collagen production and hydration levels.

If you are new to exfoliation then you need to be cautious that you do not over exfoliate and damage the barrier on our skin, signs of this are tightness, flakiness, itchy skin etc.

It’s advised to try a cleansing and moisturising routine first and then add exfoliation.

If your new to skin care or exfoliation and you would like to find out more then please feel free to pop me an email over to jules@julesbeauty.co.uk

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