What is a Brazilian Bum Lift?

What is a Brazilian Bum Lift?

The Brazilian bum lift is pioneering new technology that has several effects – it reduces loose skin, nourishes and reduces stretch marks and cellulite from the thighs and saddlebags, and plumps and fills the buttocks.

Each session is an hour long, and each hour long session is the equivalent to approximately 5000 squats. How many squats can you do in an hour? I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t done 5000 squats in the entirety of my life!

Does it work?

In an answer, yes!

We have got hundreds of examples of before and after the treatments which will prove to you that the non-invasive Brazilian Bum Lift works.

For the best result, we recommend a course. The treatment is temporary, but even the results of one session will last approximately 28 days.

Before and After

Are there Risks?

The treatment is non-invasive, meaning it does no harm and is completely non-surgical. The effects of the treatment are temporary, although, with repetition, the effects will become more permanent. The vacuums cannot damage you in any way, the procedure is very safe.

What does it do?

The treatment includes a vacuum suction which is used to massage fibrous tissue, increase blood circulation and contract the muscles. It will strengthen and tone the buttock. The Micro-current therapy will make muscles look and feel firmer and the appearance of saggy, dimpled skin will be reduced.

The current will contract to tighten the muscle to create a lift. Photon light therapy is used to stimulate the blood circulation, nourish skin and stimulate collagen and elastin which will help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The result: lifted, shapely buttocks, a shapely silhouette – the bum you have always wished for.

Is it better than permanent augmentation?

The effects of a surgical augmentation are of course permanent whereas the non-invasive Brazilian Bum Lift treatment is temporary and a fraction of the price of bum augmentation/surgery. Surgery, of course, comes with potentially life-changing risks.

A surgical bum lift, such as a Brazillian Fat Transfer Butt Lift can cause stretch marks, possible Infection, cardiac problems, pulmonary complications, and fat embolism.

Almost everyone is eligible for a non-invasive Brazilian Bum Lift. To arrange a course or just the 1 session, book in now.

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