The Non Surgical Way To A Beautiful New You!

The Non Surgical Way To A Beautiful New You!

Giving Your Body A Lift

How many times have you looked in the mirror and picked fault with what you see? Do you hide the holiday snaps? Are you desperate to do your favourite pair of jeans justice? Don’t panic, there is a solution, and just in time for summer too!

If your body needs a bit of a lift, there are ways to do this without spending hours at the gym or living on lettuce leaves. Just step inside the Jules Beauty salon and find out more about some terrific treatments that can help your body to defy gravity.

Brazilian Bum Lift

It’s a sad fact, but over time your bum can start to head south, and only constant squatting can do anything about this. Most of us have neither the time nor the inclination to do this, and that is where the Brazilian Bum Lift treatment comes in.

The Brazilian Bum Lift is a pain-free, non-invasive treatment that puts your bum back where it used to be… instantly. By combining microcurrent, LED Light Therapy, suction and massage vibration, your bum muscle is worked in a natural way, and also improves cellulite and stretch marks.

Instead of sweating in the gym for hours on end, you can book a single Brazilian Bum Lift to lift and tone the bum muscle and does the work of 5,000 squats.

Hollywood Boob Lift

Whether you have gained weight, had children or simply aged a few years, it may have dawned on you that your boobs don’t seem to be where you left them! If you have a greater need for scaffolding than a bra, then a Hollywood Boob Lift could be for you.

This suction process won’t hurt, but it will help to lift the breasts and works on the principle of tension breast induction, which can help breast tissue to grow.

The hormone oestrogen is naturally stimulated, which is used in the principle of natural breast growth.

Giving your body a lift at Jules Beauty means you can enjoy fabulous results straight away without surgery, pain or downtime. Book your appointment by clicking the Book Now button or by calling 07583 958 255.

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