The Transformation Treatment Package

The Transformation Treatment Package is a bespoke treatment designed by the professionals at The Transformation Clinic.

Including Non Invasive Lipo, Drainage and Wrapping with supplementation to achieve maximum results from a treatment with long lasting results.

The body transformation treatment is a one 2 hour treatment where we will supply after care for a week to tailor the body and will look at reducing the body by 5-8inches (dress size).


The body transformation package will be available in three options;


1st- Seven day programme of two treatment’s and a seven day shred (weight management programme)

2nd- 30 days programme consisting of 4 treatments (once a week) plus hydraslim and Skin Tonic

3rd- 30 day programme consisting of 4 treatments (once a week), seven day shred plus supplement range.


This will allow you to lose weight and inches and will our full support for the full 30 day programme.


These three option require a initial consultation and price will be discussed at consultation.


For a stand alone Transformation Treatment including Lymphatic Drainage, Non-Invasive Lipo, and Shrinkage Wrapping  £159


What are the benefit of The Transformation Treatment

Removes fat cells

Improves skin texture

Body contouring/shaping

Improves lymph and blood circulation

Improves cellulite

Tightens connective tissue

Helps remove toxins from the body

Fat burning

The treatment uses lymphatic drainage aiding the breakdown of fatty tissue and eliminate cellulite, cavitation or laser lipo to break dislodge and eliminate the fatty tissues.

A lymphatic drainage massage with a botanical mixture that has been clinically trialled for lipolysis (fat removal) is used before wrapping with heat blankets to accelerate the inch loss and fat removal process.

Resulting in healthier smoother skin tone and body contours.


Post Treatment

In order for the treatment to work at its best you also need to commit
to certain changes in lifestyle. In between sessions you should:

Follow a low carbohydrate diet

Drink plenty of water (approx 2 litres)

Avoid alcohol for at least 3 days after the treatment

Do cardio type exercise for at least 20mins within 24hrs of treatment

What our clients are saying

You are giving me life btw! Sooo many people are commenting on how slim I look!

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