Give Yourself A New Silhouette

Body Cavitation treatment

Give Yourself A New Silhouette

Is the thought of a bikini filling with dread? Can you stand the thought of squeezing yourself into that body sculpting underwear again? Are the lettuce leaves staring menacingly at you from the fridge? It’s time for a change.

Many of us can pick fault with our bodies, and we probably all have something we would like to change. If your silhouette has a few more lumps and bumps than you would like then a Body Cavitation treatment could be just what you need.

What is Body Cavitation?

Essentially, Body Cavitation is a pain-free way to remove fat cells. The type of Body Cavitation at Jules Beauty uses ultrasound and radio frequency technology together to destroy fat cells and lift and tighten the skin. This is all done using low frequency sound waves and frequencies that do not cause damage to any tissue, skin or organs.

This incredible treatment helps you to remodel your body by ridding it of unwanted fat, stimulating collagen fibres to contract and help to decrease deep wrinkles. Who doesn’t want all of that?

Is Body Cavitation Safe?

When you book any treatment at Jules Beauty you are putting yourself in the hands of an expert, and they are very safe hands indeed. We will first establish that you are medically fit to undergo the treatment before beginning, and as it is pain-free, there is no need for any anaesthetic. It is non-invasive which means there is no cutting or scarring, and therefore there is no downtime either.

Where Can I Use Body Cavitation?

Any areas of localised fat and cellulite are perfect for a Body Cavitation treatment, so it can tackle thighs, tummy’s, buttocks, hip flanks, arms and legs. It does not help you to lose weight but it does shape the body to create the look that you want.

To find out more about this amazing treatment, take a look at our Body Cavitation page, or call Julie on 07583 958 255.

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