Bringing My Passion To The Beauty Industry

Bringing My Passion To The Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is a fast moving one, and I have spent 25 years watching it develop and have seen trends come and go. My experience has put me in a great position to know what my clients want and need.

It’s easy to think that the beauty industry is about nothing more than nails, tans and lashes, but it has always had so much more than that to offer. We have seen some odd fads come and go, and some even more crazy ingredients that promised to be the next big thing but never were. Over this time, I have studied what each treatment has to offer and whether it is something that would appeal to my clients or just be yet another flash in the pan.

My Passions

The one thing many of us struggle with is self confidence. Whether it is body shape, skin complaints or simply getting older, we’ve all got a hang up of some sort when we look in the mirror. I love being able to offer treatments that can help my clients feel that little bit better about themselves. It is a wonderful feeling to see someone smile when they see their reflection and walk out holding their heads a little bit higher.

My first love was always skincare. Being able to assess someone’s skin type, listen to their concerns and perform a treatment that I know is going to help them is fabulous. Skincare is a fascinating subject so I have always taken every opportunity to learn more whenever I can in order to select products and provide treatments that will give my clients the solutions they are desperately looking for.

Boobs, Bums & Faces

Many salons try to be all things to all people, but I have decided to focus on the treatments that me and my clients love the most, which means I spend all day working on boobs, bums and faces. By adding the Hollywood Boob Lift, the Brazilian Bum Lift and the incredible Body Cavitation treatments to my existing list of facials, I have a treatment menu that will give every client a lift.

It’s fantastic to know that everything I do will make my clients look differently at themselves, and knowing I can make that difference is the thing that makes me get up every morning. Each treatment is so exciting for me, and I can’t wait to see each clients face when it is completed.

I am always here to advise my clients, so if you are not sure if a treatment is for you, give me a call on 07583 958 255 and we’ll have a chat about it.

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