Breastfeeding Boobs

Breastfeeding Boobs

Breastfeeding Boobs

When you have a baby, you have a lot of choices to make about how best to look after them. Once your babies are grown up a little, you often take a step back and look at the toll pregnancy and motherhood has taken on your body. What you see isn’t always the perfect glow that everyone tells you it will be.


One of the greatest changes to your body can be the one created by breastfeeding. We all know the benefits that baby can enjoy from the breastfeeding process, and while you are doing it your boobs often look fantastic. Your breasts swell with milk creating a terrific cleavage, even if there are sometimes a few leaky patches.

When you move on from breastfeeding, things can start to change. Many women find that their breasts sag and lose their fullness once the milk has gone, and it can make you feel very self conscious. Few people actually want to go under the knife to restore their boobs to their former glory and so it is commonly felt that there are no other solutions, but this isn’t necessarily true.

Boob Lifting

Boob lifting is a non-surgical method of enhancing the breasts, restoring lift and fullness. It works with the body’s immune system to eliminate toxins and drain through the lymph system to eliminate toxins. It combines the four systems of vacuum lift, micro-current, light therapy and massage to stimulate blood flow and increase. breast tissue making the breasts firmer, fuller and uplifted.

All you have to do is lie back on a treatment couch and relax as the cups on the breasts do all the work painlessly. Whilst they may be a bit red for a few minutes, your breasts will not be sore or uncomfortable after the treatment and you can soon show them off in your favourite top or bikini.

When you are a mum you can feel like you lose your identity a little, so it is important to do things for yourself that allow you to look and feel like the old you. A Hollywood Boob Lift can be just the thing to boost your confidence, so book an appointment at Jules Beauty for yours by clicking Book Online.


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