Acti Diet

With ActiDiet you have the science behind some of the world’s most tried and trusted diet plans, but at the same time, none of the unhealthy stuff (Aspartame, MSG, Artificial Colourings & Genetically Modified ingredients) .

You can choose from a range of ways to follow the diet, whether it’s a full meal replacement, or combining ActiDiet with other meals of your choice. You choose the plan that suits you.

Hydra Shred

Quick, and simple the Hydra-Shred is one of our one our top sellers when it comes to Dieting.


Just 7 Days of proper shredding followed by a 2 week course of Hydra-Slim it’s a convenient, cost-effective way kick start your diet.


Your Kit contains :
250ml Hydra-Slim- Enjoyed warm or cold, as a tea or a sport drink. 21 Amazing ingredients packed inside just one bottle!

7 ActiDiet Shakes or Soups of your choice (choose below). Make sure you’re getting some of the most important nutrients your body needs, without taking on excess calories — perfect any time of day.


How does it work?

Week 1:

Dilute 10mls of Hydra-Slim in 500ml of water and sip throughout the day.Drink a further 2 litres of water throughout the day. Replace one meal with an ActiDiet shake or soup.


Week 2 and 3:

Dilute 10mls of Hydra-Slim in 500ml of water and sip throughout the day, or 5mls in a tea morning and afrernoon/evening.



Need help with a plan to get the most out of your shred? Our Shred guide takes you through eveything you need.

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